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Memorial created 10-25-2016 by
Shelly Jacobs
Austin D Heaton
October 18 1995 - May 19 2015

This online memorial was created in loving memory of Austin Heaton, whose life story is told throughout this memorial website. Please sign Austin's guest book and let us know you came to visit. We will remember Austin forever.


 My beautiful son stopped his pain May 17, 2015. He wasn't found till Tuesday may 19,2015 I never knew he was hiding so much pain. I still blame myself. He was living with my sister. She left him alone. He could have called me day or night. I'm very sick. He probably didn't want saved. He knew I was here for him always. That's why he didn't call me. He called his fathers house and he fought with his step mother about something. He told her to tell his step brothers he loved them and goodbye. SHE DID NOTHING TO HELP HIM. NO PHONE CALL TO ANYONE!!!! Between Sunday and Tuesday he hung alone. He hated being alone. The sherrifs department pinged his phone and found him about 8:30 I drove to the scene. They wouldn't let me up there. In the woods 1000 feet from my sisters house. I begged God pleaded with him for Austin to be ok. Hurt I could deal with. But the sherrif finally came down to tell me he was gone. I lost my mind. I don't remember anything till Friday. His viewing for family only. It was closed at the funeral. I couldn't make it to that. He was creamated and his "Dad" took over everything with my sister. Kept me totally out of it. I fought for 11 months for my part of his ashes. I lost myself. I had a nervous breakdown. I'm thankful for my boyfriend he kept me safe durring that time. You see my mother died of lung cancer on the 22 nd of May in 2012 I thought I knew pain I was wrong. My mom was my best friend. Austin was my baby we had a special bond. Up till his passing if he was hurt or upset he would sneak to my house. His dad and my sister are tyrants. Just wanted his money and controlled every thing he did. Was he scared to come to me or did he know I would stop him and get him help?  I have been suicidal since I was 16 I have been on the hospital 3 times myself. But now they give me 2 years. So my only option now is make sure he will be remembered. Thanks for everything sorry so long.  💔😢💞

If I can save 1 life it would be great. Lost my brother in law on 7/21/15 also to suicide. And a month later a boy who was like my son completed suicide. It is too much at times. So sorry for your loss as well hugs and prayers to you. 💔❤️😇🙏

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