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Memorial created 01-16-2008 by
Jay and Christy Pruitt
La'Trisha Monique Pruitt
May 16 1981 - November 24 2007

Momma's Impact statement

My name is Uviel Pruitt Bloxom, I am Latrisha Pruitt’s mother. On November 24th 2007 a part of my soul was taken from me by a low life boy named Kortney Simon. Kortney murdered my only daughter Winnie. I am left forever heartbroken. It is hard to find the words to express the pain and rage that I feel.


Kortney, you have broken my family. I can not see my two of my Grandkids because of your actions. My son’s can not see their nieces because of you. You have changed my whole life, not only my life but my Son’s and Grandkids lives as well. Kortney because of your actions I do not sleep well anymore. I have had another heart attack since you murdered my daughter. I am depressed and lonely without her. My world is empty without my daughter and 2 of her 3 children. I will forever be the mother of a murdered child. The pain and anger that comes along with that will never ease. I suffer daily without my daughter. Every day I am reminded that my daughter is dead. I am reminded that I will never get another chance to tell her I love her, hold her in my arms or to share my life with her.


Kortney you have robbed me of my daughter, my child, my best friend. You have robbed me of the joy of watching my daughter reach her life’s full potential. You have robbed me of my Mother – daughter relationship. You have robbed me of 2 of my grandkids. No one can take the place of my daughter, no one can fill the emptiness in my heart that I am left with. A part of me died November 24th 2007.  


I don’t understand how you could do this to my daughter and her children and have no remorse for your actions. I hate the fact that you can live, you can breathe but my daughter can’t. How can you sleep, eat or do anything without caring about what you did to my child? How can you live with yourself? Do you think about my Grandkids- what you have done to them? Do you think about how they feel knowing that you murdered their Mother while they were upstairs? Do think about how they feel that you tried to burn down their home with their Mother in it? Do you? I hope that God never forgives you I know I NEVER will. I pray that your soul suffers eternally in HELL. I hope your death is as painful and pain filled as my life will continue to be without my daughter.


Your Honor I would ask you to sentence Kortney Simon to the maximum term of life WITHOUT the possibility of parole.





Jay's Impact statement

November 24th 2007 presented itself as the worst day of my life. The nucleus of a family was totally destroyed forever. The lives of my three nieces were altered so appallingly and we as a family at that moment, commenced our sentence of Life Without. A life without LaTrisha Pruitt… An astonishing person ,with an authentic heart of priceless value, afar from ones imagination or perception.


The bearing and enormity of my little sister’s ill-timed death has tainted my trust in life itself. What I wouldn’t give to revert back to the moment in front of Jamel’s home, where our final conversation occurred.


From early on, my sister, brother and I formulated a bond that many emulate but can not comprehend or decipher. Truly a miraculous relationship, that elapses beyond infinity and conquers all, even the test of death and time. If reincarnation exist, I pray that the Heavenly Father bestows favor upon me and allows me the honor, as well as the privilege of being Tricey’s big brother and friend once more. Unsure whether to laugh or cry, live or die cuts me deeper than a knife but to make matters worse, she’s out of my life.


I never thought that I would feel so callous to want to take a human’s precious life.

Kortney Simon changed my stance.

I couldn’t fathom the notion of life without my baby sister.

Kortney Simon altered that as well.


Kortney, you and your life means absolutely nothing to me. If given the opportunity to rewind the hands of time and prohibit your conception, I would.


My sister achieved aspirations that she set for herself which inspired her to excel further. That same ambition persists and thrives thru her 3 children, her legacy, which is now how my sister lives on.


Her energy and essence lives thru Latrisha Pruitt’s Butterfly Effect, (a non profit organization that assists victims of domestic violence). Tricey’s Way, (a scholarship fund at UAB that also helps victims of domestic violence). Tricey’s Law and Latrisha Pruitt’s Law (2 laws that educate and inhibit the exploits of domestic violence).


Pictures and memories are painful but are now used as means of contentment and recollection.


Kortney, due to your thoughtless actions and heartless regards my 3 nieces can’t hear their Mom say how much they are loved by her. She can’t see the unmitigated effect this has had on our family. She won’t see me in a few years become an Attorney that will work diligently to keep feces like you imprisoned.


I detest the fact that you get to eat, blink your eyes, communicate, or any of the humanly functions that are associated with life itself and my baby sister no longer can. I wish you nothing but the worst in life. I yearn for Hell throughout Eternity for you. I truly hate your existence, down to the cells and dna that structure your life. My desire is for you to die in a malicious manner, by the hands of someone precisely how you killed my sister.


You Honor, I ask of you in regards to my baby sister and my 3 nieces to punish Kortney to the fullest extent of the law, as my nieces are punished vastly forever without their Mother.


 For my Mother, my brother and me, we ask of you your Honor to reprimand Kortney with more than just a slap on the wrist. As we are all being penalized without our loved one. Lastly, for the many other traumatized family members whose lives were chastised from Kortney’s actions and assessments, we ask of you your Honor, to severely sentence Kortney to a life without the possibility, for we as a family are serving a life without  Latrisha Pruitt.



Cydney's Impact statement

My name is Cydney Pruitt. I am 14 years old and LaTrisha Pruitt’s only niece. November 24th 2007 was the worst day of my life. That is the day Kortney Simon murdered my Aunt Tricey and ripped my family apart.


My Aunt Tricey was very special to me. I miss talking to her. I miss spending time with her and my cousins. I miss spending the night at her house. I miss her calling my Daddy and keeping the phone tied up so I couldn’t use it. I miss riding with her in her car and singing. I miss us going to CiCi’s pizza when my cousins and I made good grades in school. I miss going to the park with her. I miss going to the UAB games with her. I miss going to the circus with her. I miss spending the holidays with her. I miss being able to call her when I needed to talk to someone besides my Mom and Dad. I just miss her… PERIOD. Every time I think about things we use to do my heart hurts. I get ANGRY when I think about how unfair it is that my Aunt Tricey was murdered. My Aunt Tricey was NOT a bad person. My Aunt Tricey was the coolest Mom and Aunt anyone could ever have. I don’t understand why anyone would ever want to murder her. 

 I will never stop loving or missing my Aunt Tricey. My heart will never stop hurting when I think of her and what you did to her. My Aunt Tricey did not deserve to be murdered. I hope today that you are sentenced to Life in prison WITHOUT parole. So you can spend the rest of your life thinking about what you did to My Aunt Tricey, my cousins, my parents, me, my Grandma, my Uncle, and the rest of our family. We are going to be punished for the rest of our lives without her so I think you should be punished for the rest of your life for murdering her.

Kortney, I hope you die in prison. I hope someone hurts you the way you have hurt me and my family. My Mom and Dad say that I am not supposed to hate anyone but I can’t help hating EVERYTHING about you. I hate you for murdering my Aunt Tricey. I hate you for leaving my cousins without their Mom. I hate you for causing me, my cousins, my Parents, my Uncle, my Grandma and the rest of my family a lifetime of pain. I hate you for causing my family to split into two sides. I hate you because I cannot talk to or see my cousins Goose and Smiley who were like my little sisters before you murdered their Mom.



Christy's Impact statement

November 24, 2007 Kortney Simon thought he silenced Latrisha Pruitt. What he did not consider is that her voice will still be heard here today… My name is Christina Pruitt, I have had the honor of being Latrisha Pruitt’s sister-n-law and friend for the past 15 years I also (along with my husband James) have the privilege of raising her youngest daughter Alantis. I stand before the court today as one of many representing her voice. I am here for her 3 daughters (her ladies) Anya age 8, Iyana age 6 & Alantis age 16 months, three inncoent children who’s, mother has been violently ripped from their lives. Never again will they feel her embrace, hear her voice say I love you or words of encouragement when they need it. Never again will they feel her kisses and reassurance that everything is okay. Unfortunately Alantis was only 18 days old at the time of her Mother’s murder. Alantis will never have the opportunity to get to know her Mother. She is not left with one independent memory of her Mother that she can carry with her throughout her life. Not the sound of her voice, her smell, her laughter- the way her hands felt when she held her- Nothing! That is a void that we can not fill. We can share our memories with her- but she will not have her own.


 I look here today at a family- my family that is shattered- and divided. I see family members that no longer speak to each other, no longer support one another, no longer embrace one another- for that I blame Kortney Simon. His actions caused this rift. Kortney Simon has broken this family…


 I am also here for my daughter Cydney age 14 who, has lost her Aunt as well as 2 of her 1st cousins that she loves beyond measure… My child is now painfully aware that violence and evil exists in this world and has destroyed part of her family. My child is another innocent victim of November 24th 2007.


Words seem so trite in describing what follows on that fateful night. The phone call I received from Tricey’s co-worker saying Tricey’s house was on fire. The frantic calls we made to Tricey that went unanswered. The panic we felt when we saw her house burned out and couldn’t find her or our nieces. The moment of shock and total devastation when you learn that your husband has found her body, lifeless on the floor of her garage- beaten, wet and cold. We relive this nightmare everyday as this is our new reality. Simple thoughts can trigger the raw emotions from that night. People ask how has Tricey’s murder effected me – my response is how has it not??


Losing Tricey has changed me in every way possible- almost down to my DNA. I sit helplessly by as I watch the people closest to me- that I love dearly suffer – suffer daily without her in their lives. Witnessing their pain has only compounded my own. My heart aches for Tricey, for her ladies, for her mother, for my husband, his brother, my daughter, for the rest of her family and friends. The pain that I felt that night and continue to feel is unlike anything I have EVER experienced. Tricey’s murder has shaken me to the very core of my being. I have questioned my faith as well as my belief system. I ask God over and over – How could He allow this to happen? I am still waiting for that answer. I have been robbed of my ability to forgive. I have been robbed of my ability to laugh, love, to enjoy the simplest pleasures in life without feeling guilty that Tricey can longer have these same feelings. She can no longer enjoy a beautiful day with her children, family or her friends. She can no longer feel the warmth of the sun on her face- or feel a loving embrace. She has been cheated out of seeing her ladies go to the prom, graduate high school, go to college, get married and have children.


 We are left with the memory of November 24th 2007 that we cannot deny- but I want to challenge every one here to remember beyond that. Tricey never let life’s circumstances define her – don’t let her murder define her memory. Tricey was and is much more than just another statistic. Tricey was a treasured Mother, Daughter, Sister, Aunt and Friend. Remember Tricey for what she brought into your life. Tricey was the center piece of our family puzzle – we will never recover from losing her- time will not heal our pain…


Kortney I will NEVER find it in my heart to forgive you. Forgive you for the innocence you stole from her children. Forgive you for the horrific scene my husband and his brother where subjected to when they found their sister’s body- a memory which they will now both carry for the rest of their lives. I will never forgive you for putting the kind of rage it takes to take a human life into my husband’s heart. I will never forgive you for taking Tricey’s most basic human right - her right to live.  I have heard throughout this trial all about your rights- what you are entitled too?  Let me tell you that you did not have the right to murder Latrisha Pruitt. You did not have the right to burn down HER house. You did not have the right to steal HER car. You did not have the right to take her from her children, from her brothers, from her family and friends… You did not have the right to sentence this family to life without- Latrisha Pruitt… You should be sentenced to death for your actions. You should be given the same consideration that you gave Tricey, her children, her family and friends the night you murdered her- NONE! You should be made to suffer in the same way we will suffer daily without her in our lives. We will never be “paroled” from the sentence you selfishly imposed on us November 24th 2007. We will never get another phone call or letter from Tricey – we cannot visit her unless we go to her grave. She is not excused from death for good behavior to see her children or her family. Any sentence less than your life is not justice. I want retribution because remediation and redemption are not options for you. That is shown in your prior convictions, your actions November 24th, 2007- as well as your reaction throughout this trial. You showed no remorse, no emotion. You were never worthy of Tricey’s love- I hope she haunts you at every given opportunity. I hope you suffer slowly. I pray that God renders no mercy upon your soul.


Your Honor, at this time I would ask you to show no mercy in sentencing Kortney Simon. I would hope that you would balance the goodness that Kortney Simon stole from this world at least in part by removing his evilness from society never to be paroled into our community again. Kortney Simon made his decision to take Latrisha Pruitt’s life with no regard to the effect her murder would have on her children, her family, her friends, or her community. I ask that you show that same disregard in sentencing him.



Pop's Impact statement

My name is Cyrus Bloxom. I have been blessed to be Latrisha Pruitt’s

Stepfather (her Pop) for the past 27 years, I married LaTrisha’s Mother in

1986, but Have been a part of her life since 1982. I have always thought of

Tricey as my own flesh and blood. I loved Tricey as if she was my

Own child. Losing her has put the deepest sorrow in my heart that I have

Ever known. I watch my wife and our boy’s suffer everyday without Tricey.

Our family as we knew it has been torn apart. The pain we feel won’t

Go away.


The actions of Kortney Simon have not only stolen the life of a beautiful

Young woman. Kortney has robbed the world of a beautiful soul, a Mother

 Of three, And his actions forever changed the lives touched by that

Soul. Kortney Can’t replace Tricey’s life. He can’t take back his actions

 That night.


Kortney Simon should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Judge I

Ask you to show no mercy on Kortney Simon today.  I ask that you sentence

Kortney to Life Without Parole for murdering LaTrisha Pruitt

November 24th 2007.


May God bless Tricey, her children and the rest of our family. We love and

Miss you Tricey. You will forever stay in my heart.



Your Pop Cyrus



The look on this cowards face says it all... Kortney knows he will die in prison... (GOOD)



Does Kortney know he was just inches from danger? I assure you Kortney is not man enough to face Jay

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