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Memorial created 01-16-2008 by
Jay and Christy Pruitt
La'Trisha Monique Pruitt
May 16 1981 - November 24 2007
Celebrating everything that is you.... May 16, 2008


This was made for Tricey by Earth Angel Toni here on V.M.






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Dear Momma,

We're here today to celebrate
A very special time,
A milestone in a lady's life
Who we all think sublime.

She's classy, creative, and she's funny,
Considerate and smart,
She loves her family and her friends,
and keeps them close to her heart...

A natural leader, she can turn
The hardest heart to gold.
Before you know it, there she is,
And suddenly you're sold!

Our mother is without a doubt
our best and closest friend.
She's our hero, our guiding light,
The rock on which we depend.

Just as big as any hat,
Her heart sits on her sleeve
And it matches just as well
With all that she believes.

No task's too big, no hurt too small
To warrant her concern.
She gives her all to everything,
She leaves no stone unturned.

Yes, our  Mom has always been
A perfect one-stop shop,
For questions answered, tasks achieved
Above and beyond the top.

She's also taught us all the things
That make life really count.
She trusted us and set us free
To settle our own accounts.

These lessons gave me more than we
Can possibly express.
By living through example
Mom showed us how to progress.

Mom, your act is tough to follow
You're truly hard to beat,
And after all you've given us,
I hope this is a treat.

So raise your glasses,
Hold your tears,
Our Momma is 27 today!

With All Our Love,

Goose , Smiley, & Tweety


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