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Jay and Christy Pruitt
La'Trisha Monique Pruitt
May 16 1981 - November 24 2007

Taking the kids to CiCi's for good grades 09-2007


Tricey's brother's at her house Thanksgiving 2004


Tricey's neice Cydney


Tricey's brother and sister-n-law


Tricey's twin brother and nephew Chris "TJ"


Tricey and her friends Vicki and Sheka 11-2006


Tricey's girls 1st time swimming 6-2003


Triplets they called us......


Mommies Ladies......


Uncle Jay and Goose... Awww


Smiley, Cydney, and Goose


Smiley, Goose, and Cydney @ CiCi's


Cydney, Goose and Smiley at Cydney's 11th Birthday party in Trussville...


Tweety, age 3 months


Uncle Jay and Smiley...


Uncle Jay at Smiley birthday party...




Tricey's nephew "TJ"


Tricey's nephew "TJ"


Tricey's 1st cousin Sheniqua


Tweety 5 months old


Tricey and Goose- 3 months old


Aunt Christy & nephew "TJ"


Tricey and Smiley...


Tricey at her baby shower 8/2007


Tweety.. Too cute 6 months old


Tweety... 4th of July 2008


MyTee and Tweety June 2008


Tweety in Kentucky Christmas 2007


Santa's baby... Tweety Christmas 2007


Tweety chillin on her princess couch...


Tweety taking Uncle Jay's hat... Again!


Tweety riding with her Mytee...


Awww... Tweety is a copy cat!


Cydney and Goose ... Christmas


Smiley opening her gifts... Christmas 2006


Goose at Chuck E Cheese


Goose driving her car at Chuck E Cheese...


Goose 6 months old


Tricey and Goose 3 months old


Tricey 3 months old


Goose... Aww ... She looks like a big girl!


Triceys Grandma "MaDear"..


Smiley ... With her pretty self...


Uncle Jay , Goose and Smiley ... Watching cartoons...


Jay, Tricey and Trell 2000


Jay and Tricey 2000


Uncle Jay and Smiley 5 months


Goose at her graduation 2006


Cydney, Goose and Smiley... Halloween 2007


The MyTee!


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