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Memorial created 01-16-2008 by
Jay and Christy Pruitt
La'Trisha Monique Pruitt
May 16 1981 - November 24 2007

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02-11-2010 4:26 PM -- By: Christy Pruitt,  From: Birmingham, AL  

What though the radiance which was once so bright
Be not forever taken from my sight,
Though nothing can bring back the hour
Of splendour in the grass, of glory in the flower;
Grief not, rather find,
Strength in what remains behind,
In the primal sympathy
Which having been must ever be,
In the soothing thoughts that spring
Out of Human suffering,
In the faith that looks through death
In years that bring philophic mind.
-william wordsworth-

02-08-2010 7:45 PM -- By: terry weber,  From: tennessee  

just wanting the family to know that I visit this site to remember that life is precious and so is death. I had two sisters and one brother that was taken away before I thought it was time and only GOD knows why. So live every day like you're dying and you would be surprised how  happy you can be for yourself and others.

01-30-2010 3:10 AM -- By: Faustina,  From: Newport News, VA  

I'm so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to each and everyone of La'Trisha's family members.

01-24-2010 6:25 PM -- By: Katrina,  From: FL  

Hi Jay and Christy,  Sorry I haven't been by in a while.  Just wanted to stop by to say Hi and let you know I was thinking of you and Angel Tricey. 

Keeping you always in my thoughts and prayers.

Hugs.....Katrina  >i< Heather's Mom

01-21-2010 1:17 AM -- By: Tiffani D. Dabney,  From:  

I came across Tricey's memorial and was compelled to write.  I was brought to tears as I looked at all of the family pictures.  I began to feel as though I knew her and her family.  How tragic and senseles!  I could not possibly find the words to express how sorry I am for your loss.  May God continue to comfort you in your times of need.


01-03-2010 11:18 AM -- By: Andrea Buchanan-Sanders,  From:  

Ha girll Happy new year!  I visit u hear a lot and I try not to sob but seeing the wonderful blessed life you endured makes me quite sad inside not because of it but because you are not here to continue what GOD had in store for you!  I miss you and this is a new year...I will continue to visit you and to see your smile...Trisha RIP and I mean in peace!  LOVE Drea Kisses~

12-31-2009 11:35 PM -- By: Christy Pruitt,  From: Birmingham AL  

Hey Chick... We are getting ready to welcome the New Year in - 2010, another year without you... I just wanted you to know I haven't forgotten you- youare on our minds and in our hearts right now- Missing you- As always....

12-26-2009 3:02 AM -- By: Brittany George/Lewis (Mrs. B daughter, Tiffani),  From: Birmingham  

hi. didn't know you but i'm sure my sis Tiffani Smith did. I got this address from a t.v. article where one of your family members commented on her article. Thank-you for what was said by the way. Sorry to hear about your loss as well due to domestic violence. Just stopping by to show support and to remind you of God's love. Just continue to lift him up and magnify his name. Remember this is a spiritual warfare and even as hard as this is to say, its even harder to live out because CHARLIE sat on my sofa with me and my husband and had his last meal at my house and less than an hour later, she was dead. So dont hate the person, just remember that it is the devil behind EVERY evil deed and its sad that people allow him to work through them. I see she has children and so does my sister (Amaury 4) My heart goes out to you and yours. Pray changes things so dont ever stop praying. MUAH bgeorge1@samford.edu

12-24-2009 11:07 PM -- By: Sandra Anderson,  From: Gulfport,Ms  

Hi  Christy, I  can  only imagine how your'e feeling and what you're going through .I'm  about to lose my mind. I'm  tryin to hold on until the trial .It's so much other stuff going on right now ,I'm about to lose my mind.You are blessed you have a part of Tricey ,hows the baby.I'm  going to give you a call next week.MERRY X-MAS  AND  GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY  LOVE YA, SANDRA   ANDERSON 

12-24-2009 7:30 PM -- By: Christy Pruitt,  From: Birmingham AL  

Hey Chick! I'm sitting here at home cooking , cleaning and getting ready to wrap presents for tomorrow. I took your daughter to get her picture made with Santa- too cute! And another realization that you should be here doing this stuff with her and your other two girls - all together the way it should be! Right now I'm looking at her little face sleeping- she is a perfect reflection of you... Well Merry Christmas in Heaven... I wish you were able to be here with us in the flesh- but I know you are always here with us in spirit.., Til our next lifetime my friend....

12-23-2009 9:47 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Thinking of you and your Angel..

Merry Christmas from my house to yours...And to our Angels in Heaven...Rose

12-19-2009 6:49 AM -- By: Patricia Harris,  From: Los Angeles, CA  

To La'Trisha's family and beautiful daughters:

I am so sorry for your loss.  It is very unfortunate that she was taken from your your family by the hands of an evil, heartless and  thoughtless monster.  My heart and prayers are with you and your family.  May GOD continue to give you the strength to endure your loss.....

From a mom who recently lost her son to evil cancer!!!!

12-11-2009 11:00 PM -- By: Alicia Stansell,  From: Texas  

Dearest Jay and Christy,

I just wanted to stop by and let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Wishing you peaceful holidays.



12-10-2009 6:41 PM -- By: Christy Pruitt,  From: Birmingham AL  

Hey Duckworth! Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know you were being thought of...  Jay and I are having Christmas dinner at the house this year.... We got all the decorations up and we decided to hang a stocking for you. I have asked all your friends to think of memories that they have with you and send them to us- Im going to print them out and put them in your stocking and when our family gathers at our house to eat before we say the blessing we are going to pass your stocking around and have each person pull a memory from it and read it aloud.... Afterwards I am taking all the meories and putting them in a keepsake box for your girls to have. I thought that would be something they would like. Anyways chick - just wanted to update you.... Missing you as usual my friend-  I dont think your absence will ever sit well with me- I miss you man - damn, damn, damnnnn, dammmnnnnn!!!!


12-10-2009 4:37 PM -- By: Adrian Peterson-Fields,  From: Birmingham-Woodlawn  

I cant believe I didnt know you were gone. I remember the story line but didnt see the face...I see your face and I am instantly sadness...MY GOD! TWO YEARS! I pray for your kids and family and I know you are up in heaven at peace....Our hearts are heavy but rejoicing that you have transitioned to a place free from pain and the sorrow this world can bring...I am STILL in shock...

12-03-2009 5:22 PM -- By: tracee garland,  From: harrisburg,pa  

11-27-2009 12:50 AM -- By: Christy Pruitt,  From: Birmingham AL  

D-Worth.. Today you were toasted too.. Today you were thought of (like we do everyday). We spent Thanksgiving in your house. We miss you dawg- I know you know that... You were the glue that held us together so tight. But we are keeping it going as I know you would have wanted. ( thoughts deleted ) Anyway- best believe Jay got you dawg- and I got both of ya'lls backs- you know that... Regardless of who like it- or like me for that matter- I love you man- I miss you and I got you- Always!!!! Fam for life!! We gone do whats right by you and your girls--- one step at a time... Til later my buddy...

11-26-2009 9:44 PM -- By: Gail Van Buren,  From: Waupun, Wisconsin  

To Jay and Christy and La'Trisha's loved ones; I do understand the pain you are going thru! If you get to go to my sons site,you will see how!We dont understand why these things happen,but if we keep our faith in God intact,he will heal our broken hearts and give us the hope and strength,to continue on..Jer29;11 God Bless You,I will be praying for your family!!

Hugs and Kisses,

Gail Van Buren (Topher's mummy)

11-24-2009 9:56 PM -- By: Cindy~Lou,  From: Baytown,Tx  

well Angel LaTrisha today is your 2nd Angelversary and I wanted you to know that  even though you're not here you are not forgotten and you are very much missed and loved...watch over your family as Thanks Giving draws near when the gather close for that Thankful prayer lean in and give them and Angel hug and leave them with an Angel kiss.......

Christy you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers today and everyday

Missed and Loved Forever,


11-24-2009 3:35 PM -- By: Sharone`, Chloe-McKayla' Grandma,  From:  

Dear Pruit Family you are in our thoughts on Angel La'Trisha's Angel Day, Blessings  of peace to your family on this very special day.  Chloe-McKayla's Mommy and Grandma

11-24-2009 1:39 PM -- By: A.Parker,  From: Hoover  

A beautiful woman on earth- a stunning ANGEL in Heaven... With three stunning little girls left behind... R.I.P.

11-24-2009 11:04 AM -- By: Christy Pruitt,  From: Birmingham,AL  

Today is a day that is dark in our hearts... We miss you so much, man... We will never let go of the memories that we share... I know you are our guardian angel, but somehow thats not enough- we want you here with us... It may sound selfish but thats just being real. Secure your ladies, your Momma, your brother's, myself and your friends in your angel wings... Today is going to be a rough ride. Really for us everyday is like that. I NEVER EVER thought that we would go 2 years without you in our lives. No phone calls, no letters, no whats up man? That reality is hard for us. We are so use to sharing our everyday lives with you that your absence just doesn't allow us to simply move on. It may be easier for others to move on even though they were close to you- but for us- your everyday phone calls, your everyday presence in our lives has us stuck- because we forgot that tomorrow isn't promised to anyone- We expected when you said "see u later, man" that we would. We expected you to be right here with us. We didn't plan for this... Who could? The void your absence has left behind will always be here- EVERYDAY- not just today. We may get better at dealing with the pain- but just becasue we have learned how to cope doesn't mean that we are any better... I know- I see the look on Jay's face when he is thinking about you. He doesn't have to say a word- I can look at him in silence and know it's you he is thinking about. His heart is broken in a way I can't mend...  The love that is here for you- I hope you can feel it where you are... I hope you got to take it with you. I hope that love will keep you until we can all reunite where you are and link our family together again. The words I miss you - do not even begin to cover how we feel. There are no words to cover the feelings we have of living our lives without you in them... I love you man! We all do! Until our next lifetime my friend.....

11-24-2009 10:38 AM -- By: Sakina,  From: Pelham, AL  

Happy Angelversary Trisha

11-24-2009 7:59 AM -- By: christina,  From: ohio  

Angelversary La' Trisha 

11-20-2009 12:04 AM -- By: Christy Pruitt,  From: Birmingham AL  

Hey DWorth... Man, I having one of those moments I can't even put into words... I'm sitting here looking thru pic's of you trying to organize them.... Im making all of your girls a photo album of all the memories we had with you. It will be awhile before I can get them to Goose and Smiley- but theirs will be here waiting. Tweety is sitting in my lap and we are looking at your pictures- she knows who you are. I won't ever let you be forgotten or faded into the background. Days like this for me are hard- I look at pictures of you so alive and always smiling. My hearts just breaks- everytime... Two years later the pain is still here- for all of us. It will NEVER be the same without you- EVER. I look at Tweety and I see you... I look at Tweety and I hate that your not able to be here with her... I know the next few days are gooing to be rough on all of us- Thanksgiving is next week- and we are suppose to be in a mood of thanksgiving... I find it difficult to be thankful at a time that marks such a dark place in my heart.  We miss you man. The emotions running  thru us right now are beyond words... We find comfort in knowing that we loved you- and we showed you that love while you were here. We still love you - that will never change.... It's just still painful for all of us- I dont't want to be reminded that you're not here.... I don't want to be reminded of what happened, I don't want to be reminded that this is reality... That's just me- that's how I feel... I love you chick! You really were one in a million- That's why your tag said UNVME2- cuz they did.... I love you my friend-

11-17-2009 12:31 PM -- By: Myra,  From:  

as I read through La'Trisha Memorial I found myself thinking if love could have saved her she would be right here making memories with her beautiful family. Love is flowing from every page. As Tricy's  2nd Angel Day in Heaven comes around I will be thinking of you and praying for your peace of heart.


11-17-2009 3:32 AM -- By: Phlecia Sims,  From: Birmingham,AL  

I didn't know you, but I feel like I did. Your brother Trell used to tell me about you alot. I hope that they find justice not just for you, but for your girls. No one will miss you like them, they will get to have those mother daughter moments. My you Rest in Peace!!!!!!

The Pruitt family is in my prayers!!!! 

11-16-2009 11:00 AM -- By: lavonne colebrooke,  From: bahamas  

wish your family well

11-16-2009 2:38 AM -- By: Christy Pruitt,  From: Birmingham AL  

Tomorrow is not promised to anyone, young or old alike. And today may be the last chance you get to hold your loved one tight.
So if you're waiting for tomorrow, why not make it today?
For if tomorrow never comes
You'll surely regret the day.

Powerful statement, huh? Especially when we have been taught this lesson in losing you... Your Angelversary is creeping up and I am becoming restless... I keep trying to think of a way to get everybody together and ease your brother's and Momma's pain... Not an easy task at hand... Especially when I'm missing you too... I don't consider it "hooping & hollering" - I just miss you. All the time- PERIOD. You played such a major role in our everyday lives that the void in your absence just can't be filled. I guess in part to it's that we knew your plans, your goals- and you're not here to achieve them. By now I owuld have talked to you about 20 times this week changing the menu for Thanksgiving- who's bringing what- you and Jay would be going back and forth over if it's going to be at our house or your house- because nobody wanted to clean up the mess!!! ( When truth be told your Momma & Pop always cleaned up after everybody left!) But instead of those calls once again- silence fills the air... On a brighter note- I know you are smiling down on your baby girl... She can now count to ten!!! Her vocabulary has really picked up- she is speaking so well! I know your proud of her- little self.. Well buddy- I just wanted to stop in and let you know how much you are missed and still loved... Sending you angel (((hugs)))

11-12-2009 1:43 PM -- By: Terrica,  From: ensley  

Hi cousin, It has been a while since i been on here. You are still in my heart, always. they have somethink call Facebook now, eventhough you r not here, you  are still here in memory, on facebook, lol. I was so hurt for the battle of the band cause we planned that every year together since 1994. I miss you so much. There is no one left in this world that I can talk to like I talked to you. cousin I love you but I'm in tears right now so I will talk to you soon. I know you"re saying wipe em up, u understand me, I'm in a better place. I know but it's not the same. God knows best. Love you mama!!!!!!!


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