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Memorial created 01-16-2008 by
Jay and Christy Pruitt
La'Trisha Monique Pruitt
May 16 1981 - November 24 2007

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02-04-2008 1:30 PM -- By: Brittani,  From:  

Hey Mama! I wanted to join the guest book too!

01-26-2008 6:27 PM -- By: Gina Pascarella-Fogle,  From: Illinois  

Im so sorry for the loss of your beautiful, daughter, sister, mother, friend etc. I can tell by this memorial that Tricey was a beautiful young lady who is missed by her family and friends. May the memories help through the rough days ahead.

Gina (sister to karrie Luttrell here on VM)

01-23-2008 5:42 PM -- By: Debbie,  From: California  

I am so sorry for your family's loss. Tricey so deserves justice. I pray strength for your family as this must be very difficult times for you. I know that God will carry you through this. And your tears He holds dear to His heart. Debbie

01-20-2008 8:40 PM -- By: drema,  From:  

im sorry for the loss in this family that these 3 kids have to grow up without their mom and that she died at such a tragic death.her smile is so beautiful. she will always watch over her babies and keep them safe

01-20-2008 8:08 AM -- By: Bettina,  From:  

Dear James and Christina,

I am so sorry for the loss of your precious sister - I DO know your pain - my sister (Adriana Iglesias, also here on VM) may have died under different circumstances, but the void and the nightmare still exists. My sister died of breast cancer aged only 35 yrs and I honestly cannot imagine having lost her in the hands of another human being as you did - This is a tragic ending to such a young life and my heart goes out to you both - As I said earlier, I DO know the pain of losing a sister so young, and I also know the void it leaves in your lives - Seeing my sister die slowly has left me traumatised and I still find it hard, even after four and a half years, to be living without her...I too had a close relationship with my sister and at times, it still feels like a bad dream that this ever happened.

I hope that together, you will comfort each other through this painful and lonely journey called grief...Unfortunately, I don't have any other siblings so I'm now an only child (it even feels strange saying that) and I have found it extremely difficult dealing with the loss of my sister so I wish you both love and peace to be able to walk this path together.

You will both be in my thoughts! (You're welcome to email me anytime.)

Love and peace, Bettina

01-18-2008 8:25 PM -- By: mamma,  From: Arkansas  

A lady with such a beautiful smile. Please know that her love remains always for her spirit is near to comfort you.


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