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Memorial created 01-16-2008 by
Jay and Christy Pruitt
La'Trisha Monique Pruitt
May 16 1981 - November 24 2007

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11-23-2011 11:30 PM -- By: Lisa Pruitt,  From:  

11-23-2011 11:01 AM -- By: Christy Pruitt,  From: Birmingham AL  

Tomorrow will mark 4 long years since I last saw you or spoke to you. I don't even know how we made it this far, honestly. Momma made her transition on the 9th and it really is making it hard to bear. We will lay her to rest Friday. I wonder what you two are up there talking about and if you are watching over us. I miss you both so much. Momma's death hasn't even really started to set in yet, I think I am still numb. I guess grief is the price you pay for love. Your brother's are trying to stay strong but this is hard all the way across the board. I do find comfort in memories but memories aren't always enough. They don't replace the abilitly to laugh, love and share our lives together. I see pictures of you and Momma and although they are treasures they are also a reminder that this is the only way to see your faces other than in our minds. I understand that death is a part of life and that the journey is the reward. I just don't understand why sometimes the journey is cut short. I love you Duck, give Momma a hug and a kiss from the girls and I. We love y'all. :'(

11-16-2011 9:37 PM -- By: Emily,  From:  

You'll be in my prayers.

10-26-2011 9:53 PM -- By: angel bullard,  From: iota la.  

i didnt know any of your family but i think what you did to honor your family member is just the most wonderful thing. god bless you all and keep those memories alive for her kids. my heart goes out to all of you


10-25-2011 12:19 PM -- By: Jacob,  From: NY  

10-05-2011 6:21 PM -- By: Christy Pruitt,  From: Birmingham, AL  

Just missing you today... *sigh

09-23-2011 8:28 PM -- By: ,  From:  

god bless you!

09-23-2011 11:17 AM -- By: David Ray,  From: Rolla, MO  

I am so sorry for your loss.  Just keep knowing, as I have read you do, what a wonderful time you had with La, Trisha.  I did not know her, but the love you show her in this web page make me know she was truely a wonderful person.  Keep her ALIVE in your thoughts and she will be immortal.

09-08-2011 6:00 AM -- By: Rod Hannah,  From:  

08-23-2011 1:01 PM -- By: Sakina Skipwith,  From: Birmingham, AL  

08-23-2011 1:00 PM -- By: ,  From:  

Hey Chick! I was just thinking of you and wanted to say HHHEEEEYYYYEEEEE!!!!!

08-20-2011 12:24 AM -- By: Jay & Christy Pruitt,  From: Birmingham AL  

 Wishing our niece a very Happy 9th Birthday! We hope that you have a awesome birthday weekend with your sisters! We love and miss you and Goose lots! We know that your Momma is smiling down on you three and wrapping you all in her Angel wings. :) Love Unkey Jay and Christy! 

08-15-2011 9:55 PM -- By: Tonieka Hauck,  From: Los Angeles  

Im so very sorry for your lost and pray that The Lord Remove anger from your hearts and replace forgiveness for what that horrible man did to your relative. I came across this page because i was on homicides in LOS ANGELES and came across victims page and it gave me the name of your precious family member La Trisha. May God continue to comfort your family and although the pain may still be present it will get better over time. If you ask the lord to heal your broken heart he will over time.

08-14-2011 6:03 PM -- By: Tam Russ,  From: Bentonville, AR  

Hello, i didn't know La'Trisha, i was just browsing the internet and came across her site and story. i was moved to tears and i am so sorry for your loss. i pray God will renew and restore what's been broken and give her family the peace that surpasses all understanding. May God continue to Bless you! if you would like to contact me.

(*email addresses cannot be posted on vm*)

08-09-2011 8:49 PM -- By: unconditional04,  From:  

May god bless and keep this family close in love and spirit this is the only way!

07-27-2011 5:06 PM -- By: Christy Pruitt,  From: Birmingham AL  

 Hey Duck,

Well the girls and I are in Kentucky visiting my family. Tweety is having a ball riding her bike and scooter and swimming all the time. We went to Cincinnati the other day and took them to the Creation Museum. It's a really cool place that you would have loved to take the girls together... The museum focuses on how our world was created from two different views- from God's view and from scientific views. It doesn't favor one or the other - but explains things very well. They recreated scenes from the bible. The wax people talked and it was really amazing. I will take Tweety again when she is a bit older so she can grasp the concept... We took them to the planetarium which was awesome! I thought of you all day- because again - this would have been a trip that we would have all made together...  We really miss you... I can still hear your laughter... I found a video of you at one of Cydney's birthday parties skating with Jay - Laughing and having a good time. We are coming home this weekend. Cydney has to take her test for John Carroll Monday. I'm really glad we are getting her in there. Tweety has been on the waiting list for St. Barnabas- so she will have a fantastic education from the beginning. Well sis, I just wanted to stop in and let you know I was thinking about and missing you... Sending you our love and (((hugs))) to Heaven... C

07-22-2011 8:00 PM -- By: angel skye's mommy,  From:  

thinking of you and your family today...


07-02-2011 11:33 AM -- By: Erica,  From: Birmingham  

Thank God for memories!!!!! May God continue to bless and strengthen your family.

06-13-2011 5:02 PM -- By: Christy Pruitt,  From: Birmingham AL  

Hey Duck! Well I have started the Summertime "Pruitt Family Adventures" me and the girls pick what adventures we are going on for the week. Last week we went to Alabama Adventure and The Art Museum. Tweety was too cute! When we went to the Art Museum she took her crayons and sketch pad and I had her interpret what she saw on her sketch pad- it was pretty amazing! Tomorrow we are taking a trip to the Zoo. She is sooo excited. She is getting so big and the bigger she gets the more of you we see in her. She and I talk about you all the time... I know you are proud of her and us. You know I got yah Duck! Family members keep telling me how much they appreciate me- but truth be told you would have done the same for me- so I don't feel like it's anything extraoridinary... It's just love- that is what family is about- and you are my family. I've always said that. Oh and Jay graduated from UAB last month! I know you were with him. You always have been one of his biggest supporters and vice versa. You know how us Pruitt's get down! LOL! Especially these Pruitt women! :) Well I love yah Chick. I gotta run and get these children feed! (((hugs))) Christy

05-31-2011 2:40 PM -- By: Corretta Wilson,  From: Georgia  

05-29-2011 3:41 PM -- By: dragan jovic's dad,  From: croatia  

Life will never be the same without our precious children,but knowing the pain will end when we join them,is hopeful but sad.

05-17-2011 1:07 PM -- By: LASHEKA JEMISON,  From: CHICAGO  

05-16-2011 9:35 AM -- By: myra,  From:  

Happy Birthday Tricey

05-15-2011 11:13 PM -- By: ,  From:  

birthday blessings to you...

05-15-2011 11:13 PM -- By: ,  From:  

happy birthday to you sweet angel...

05-13-2011 11:11 AM -- By: Nene Karlgren,  From: sweden  

I can not stand it, reading about a beautiful lady, that I kind of "get to know" as I read about her, being the victim of a low low nobody that should have taken to jail and should have stayed there in the first place.

I believe in justice. Let anybody that takes a life loose his/her own life.

Lots of prayers and love from Nene

05-09-2011 2:04 AM -- By: Christy Pruitt,  From: Birmingham AL  

Happy Mother's Day Duck! Tweety got you some flowers today. I just wanted you to know that we were thinking of you and you are not forgotten. Especially today- you and I are a part of the elite club of Mother's. We put our children first. We are the kind of Mother's that sacrifice what we want for what they need. So even though you are now an Angel Mother- I just want you to know that you are dearly missed. Jay and I are making sure that Tweety is raised knowing who you are and how much you love her. I don't use the word love in past tense because I believe that love never dies- it endures all things. So I know that the love we all shared with you is still here with us. Anywho... Happy Mother's Day in Heaven my friend. Sending you lots of love and (((hugs)))

04-08-2011 1:43 AM -- By: Akia H.Jones,  From:  

Hey Tricey,I know its been a loooooong time,so dont be mad at me.....Alot is going on and alot has happened...I really miss talking to you and just hanging out whenever we could,even though we didn't talk everyday or what ever,we knew we were the best of friends.We were the Fab 5 of J.O.I know things happened for a reason,I just wish they wouldnt happen to good people...I know you are happy in Heaven...Skylar is getting so big girl,I dont know Imma do with her and Lil OJay is a whiz kid,I love those big headed kids.Orlando and I are doing really good,we're still in love!!!! Well next time my little friend,I love and miss you Tricey!!!!!

03-29-2011 5:52 AM -- By: Patricia Adala, Mother of Rispah Adala, here at VM,  From: Nairobi, Kenya  

To Jay and Christy Pruitt,

Thank you for sharing the life of your precious La'Trisha with us and for taking time to visit with our Rispah early after her departure in year 2007. We have never forgotten your kind words of encouragement and although it has taken long before we contact you please know we keep a tag of all the wonderful people like you, who have stood by us during this long journey. But it is a journey of faith and we have travelled it one day at a time. We also see that you have finally come to closure with respect to the trial of La'Trisha's murderer and that justice  was finally meted out. We than God for that.

As you rightly state La Trisha is free at last and all you remain with are the beautiful memories of her life, which you have been kind enough to share. Though we are worlds apart yet we have walked the same path and somehow that brings our two families close together.

We wish you well as you move on . We have shared in your Daily thoughts culminating with the one you posted on this site on 31 March.

God bless you and  everyone you cherish in your family,

Patricia Adala from Kenya


03-22-2011 8:31 AM -- By: ,  From:  

it didnt post his page... Love ya'll


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